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However as part of an effort to resist intrusive data harvesting practices and simplify my GDPR requirements, I deliberately opted out of all non-essential plugins and other embedded web functionalities that place cookies - for example you will not see Google Analytics, javascript-based display ads, Facebook plugins and so on, on This Website.

This Website is now almost entirely cookie-free - however checking the website using Firefox browser on 12/31/2020 revealed to me that one "24-hour expiry" cookie (non-persistent) "AWSELB" is being set by

Clickbank® is the retailer of "Social Network Gold" and their requirement as a publisher is that I display their "Clickbank® Trusted Secure" banner using their embedded code, which sets this cookie.

I am not able to see / harvest any personally identifying information via this cookie and I do not use any other cookies for the purposes of gathering data about This Website's visitors.

Note that when you leave this site, including to purchase products via Clickbank, you will be subject to the policies of those other websites and I have no control over their privacy policy or cookie policies. I have done my best to provide the least invasive solutions I possibly can; but when you purchase a product from me, for example via Clickbank, you will leave This Website and as such will then be bound by Clickbank's Terms and policies etc, over which I have no authority.

If you wish to opt out of this cookie, please navigate to your browser preferences > Privacy > Cookies and delete it.

Analytics on This Website will be handled by the awesome which features robust privacy and is cookie free! Here is Plausible's data policy.

How To Ascertain Which Cookies Are Being Sent By Websites

How to test for yourself: Open a fresh browser (no open tabs), go into your settings and select Privacy > Remove Cookies and then delete all existing cookies. Then, leaving that window open, open a new window and load just the website you wish to verify, no others. The privacy settings tab will display any cookies that have been sent, as they appear! Note that you will need to have no other windows / tabs open to be sure this is working. Any other websites open in other tabs / windows might send cookies even after the page has finished loading. Note also the removing cookies may require you to log into many sites again. Please feel free to test This Website and in the extremely unlikely circumstance you find that cookies are being sent by it, please notify me immediately.

What Are Your Choices Regarding Cookies?

Most web browsers' default settings are to accept cookies automatically - however it is possible with almost all browsers to change browser preferences, in order to refuse cookies, delete cookies or to enable individual confirmation requests before accepting them. Browsers typically offer options to view and delete cookies that have already been placed on your browser.

If you do not wish to receive these cookies, or if you would like to delete existing cookies, you can do so using your browser settings:

Please note that as with many other sites, if you delete cookies or refuse to accept them, some features of this website may not function correctly and/or your settings from previous visits may not be remembered.

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Alex Ashwood, December 2020.

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