GDPR Compliance Roadmap - steps taken

Last Update: Dec 31st, 2020: This document lists the steps taken by This Website ( in order to achieve GDPR compliance:

Read and the full text of the very complicated 261-page GDPR legal document (available here ) DONE

Upload latest compliance roadmap (this page right here). DONE

Remove all "non-essential" cookie-setting javascripts including Youtube embed, Adsense Ads. DONE

Updated privacy policy. DONE 12/31/20

Updated cookie policy. DONE 12/31/20

Checked cookies sent by This Website (using Firefox browser) DONE

Create and send privacy and information security tutorial to virtual assistants, training them in best practices for making sure info stays secure; make sure they have all read and signed. DONE

Deleted Facebook tracking pixels and custom audiences completely DONE

Remove Google Analytics. DONE

Remove Facebook "like" plugin from all pages. DONE

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